It’s official: Christmas is here. The John Lewis Christmas advert has been revealed, the tinkling and jingling of the Coca Cola van is just around the corner, and we here at The Complete Chillout Company have put the whole team through a Christmas draping event extraordinaire boot camp.

The art of draping means that any room – be it office, church hall, canteen – can be transformed into a Three Kings themed Christmas draping…


or evoke the glamour of Hollywood…


Or keep it simple with fresh white drapes in our Oyster Pearl tent.


The class was led by Jeremy, who having worked with House of Hud over the past decade as Head Draper, shared his industry knowledge with the budding Drapers.


One of the first tasks covered was ‘Pleated Wall Draping’ and mastering this drape involved the ‘Bunny Ears’ – a term synonymous to the world of drapers but faces were aghast to those new to the subject.


Bunny Ears, although a fiddly task, lays the foundation for securing any piece of fabric to an Arabian Tent marquee. Folding one small part of the fabric arm length, you cable tying a piece round the fabric, before bunching the fabric up to make the bunny ear, and then tying to the marquee. It makes for a beautiful ruching affect, developing pleats which cascade down the fabric, and was the first skill we learnt in event draping.

Alex learning the ropes:


The fabric for the wall trim used is usually finer in fabric, and is used to contrast against the pleated wall draping, giving it a ‘completed’ look. Both techniques used together are great for skimming over walls, meaning you can transform any space with our event draping.


The hoop ceiling draping accentuates a high ceiling point in a building, and also works well in clear span marquees. We usually use two alternate colours. `

And here is some Viva La Fiesta inspiration using the Hoop Ceiling drape.

And a simple twist on Hoop Ceiling event draping at Firle Riding School:IMG_0033 - Copy (1024x683)

Finally, we also learnt about vertical hanging ceiling swags, also work well with high ceilings, and soften the room.